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Vlogstarter.com (Dec 2016-Dec 2017) by Borna Grunbaum

I’ve started a website/community that is helping YouTubers with educative content, reviews, top lists etc.

– writing content, editing images and videos
– managing website, e-mails, social media accounts
– searching for YouTubers, contacting them and supporting their work
– representing vlogstarter.com on startup fairs- managing Amazon affiliate program for affiliated blog posts
– improving website’s SEO and usability based on Google analytics and Search console

Website’s content:

How can you find the answers? Vlogstarter.com will use a wide range of categories to help you find inspiration.

  • News category – In this category you can find lots of news about popular YouTubers in one place! Explore YouTubers you’ve never watched, they might inspire you for your new vlog ideas! Expect news about YouTubers you can find useful news from the world of technology from innovations in filming equipment, to new software that could help you in your YouTube career.
  •  Beginners category – In this category you can find lots of interesting and inspiring new YouTubers with less than 2000 subscribers but with great content to share. Also if you want to get featured on our website you can contact us and become our partner!
  • Interviews category – Yes we do interviews with popular YouTubers! You can find lots of interviews with YouTubers from you favourite category: Gaming, Lifestyle/Travelling, Fashion&Beauty or Funny.
  • Advice category – In this category you can find useful advice for the things you are unsure about. For example, which camera or software to use on the start of your YouTube career? Low budget? No problem, we will always find something for you.


Website is offline since December 2017, but you can still find the content on https://vlogstarter.wordpress.com/



  • over 13 000 views
  • over 600 social media followers
  • over 20 interviewed YouTubers
  • “StartUp to watch” by University of Portsmouth


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