Section 9: Signing Off the project


Has project met my expectations?

Since the project was complex and required work in a lot of different fields of marketing and design, I was expecting everything to be late and with more faults and errors, but because of the good project management everything was working perfect! Everything planned was fulfilled and on time.  The whole brand is set-up on a really good level and ready to expand on the market this year.

My expectations were even lower than the results – some of the results in the first 30 days since the launch of a brand – 14.2.-16.3. :

4562 website views on in the 1st month of being online

Top Google search results for the keyword “Chained Youth” 

More than 340 followers on Instagram with really high engagement rates! 


140 Facebook likes 

Top 7% Shopify stores that launched on the same week as ! 


I am happy to say that project has met all of my indicated needs and expectations. 

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