Section 8: Testing


Testing and solving minor issues before launching the website

To make sure everything was running before the actual website launch, I had to ask some of my friends and relatives to test out the websites usability and the whole purchasing process. To make sure it’s the same process for the countries worldwide I have done tests in both UK and Croatia.

The first test was performed by my brother in Croatia, I simply told him to go to the website and try to purchase one product. After he went through the whole process of choosing, deciding and then buying the product, I have asked him to tell me all the difficulties from seeing the product, choosing the sizes, shipment options and payment process – and the result was he never had a PayPal account so he couldn’t actually purchase the product because the checkout had PayPal as the only purchasing option at the moment.
After I realised that most of the consumers hate checking out through PayPal and would prefer direct card payments I have found a Shopify payment solution that enables cards as a payment instead of PayPal (but they can still choose to pay with PayPal).

After the first test, I have asked my friend from the University to go through the same process. He is a startup owner so I was expecting a more critical review and feedback from him. Also while he was surfing through the webshop I was observing his actions and made a few notes. After he finished his buying process, he told me that some of the options were not clear, for example when choosing payment options, the pointer stayed the same colour which caused confusion. He also spotted a few spelling errors that were correct after that. He made compliments on details like recommended products when you enter on a single product page, because it made him check the products that were recommended to him and in a way made his picking process easier.

I have asked some of the close friends to test it as well to tell me any small errors they have encountered, The most of it was aesthetics like colour changes in some elements to improve the visibility.

After correcting all of the minor faults the website was ready to launch.

After the launch, I have received a lot of feedback from friends and other website users. Some of them asked me how to find a certain product, which was a clear sign that UX could be improved and website could be easier to navigate – something I will consider in the future development. Since the Shopify theme I’ve chosen is free and it can’t fully adapted to my needs I have to wait for a better budget to buy a professional theme or hire a developer to help me out, but this is a minor issue because most of them navigated successfully, the only changes will be in the menu options – I will try to make it more straight-forward with product categories only.





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