Section 7 Project Delivery



The website launch was scheduled for 15th of February and fortunately, everything was running smooth and the website was ready to be published online!
I made sure the social media pages were building up the hype around the launch and told my friends to spread the word on their accounts. Since the main social media channel was Instagram I have made sure a few influencers shoutout the page.

The project delivery was running as it was supposed to. I’ve made sure some of my friends give me feedback on the whole brand from social media to the website and everyone had something nice to say about each part of the project.

To stay consistent and keep the communication with the first followers I have scheduled Instagram posts for every day and did a few questionnaires on Instagram’s new story feature to keep it interactive.

When the website was published only the first photo shoot was done so more photos were needed to keep the social media accounts active.
The other photoshoots were delivered even before it was planned on the Gantt chart estimates.





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