Section 5: Asset Production



Media will be created by myself. In some occasions, royalty free photos and graphics will be used. Photos provided by customers could also be used as a promotional material and social proof.



The first stage was coming up with the name for the brand. After thinking of a name idea I was deciding between “Golden Youth” and “Chained Youth”.  I have chosen the name Chained Youth because it can be interpreted in 2 ways: first one is chained youth as making the chain of young people through community, and the second one is more about youth chained by their own mindset limitations and insecurities that are stopping them from succeeding.

In terms of colours, I wanted it to be gold but no too shiny and eye-irritating yellow, but creamy brownish gold to achieve a more luxurious look:

After that I wanted to find photos on Google to make a collage of what I want my blog to look like, and I’ve came up with these 2 optionsThe collage was made with canva web tool which is a simple tool that requires payment if you want to get permission to use it.


After considerations, I have decided that something similar to the 2nd logo would be a clean and simple for a premium streetwear brand that has a Gucci, Versace and other similar Italian designer brands as an influence.

The next stage was to design the logo in the Adobe Illustrator, which is the software I’ve used in multiple projects.

Firstly, the chain was designed using different shapes and connecting 4 chain links


After looking through font I have decided to keep the Sans-serif styled font giving a more luxurious look to logo and for that, I have chosen the font Bentham for the first part “Chained”:

For the 2nd part that says “Youth” I have decided to do a clean and simple contrast with the font called Occupied:

And after combining and lining up these elements the final version was this:


Because I wanted to achieve an elegant and wealthy look for my brand I have checked out a lot of websites from famous designer brands as well as the streetwear brands. I wanted to use both black and gold theme because of it represents elegance, wealth and luxury.

Some of the examples:

GUCCI – luxurious look achieved by using light gold/white and dark colours.

GUESS – Similar look too Gucci but less luxurious with red colour standing out

Patek Phillipe – luxury watches website


Initial photoshoot for branding the website 


Other photos for jewellery will be sourced from wholesaler itself. (AliExpress)

Initial wireframes for the website




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