Section 4: Project Management Methods and Tools


Gantt chart

To make sure everything planned will be achieved in the right timescale I have developed a Gantt chart.

Excel file version: GANT CHART CHAINED YOUTH


SWOT analysis

I have used SWOT analysis to make sure I am aware of the problems I may face and should try to avoid using other people as collaborators.

– Experience in digital marketing: social media, website design, branding etc.
– good photography skills
– Adobe Creative Suite skills
– Business-related knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset

– time-management – this project requires a lot of work in all sorts of segments from business to graphic design
– lack of experience in b2c sales
– lack of experience in model photography
– first time using Shopify for e-commerce
– low budget

– opportunity to develop the brand in the future
– opportunity to earn money and re-invest it
– opportunity to take over the non-saturated streetwear market in Croatia
– opportunity to develop a lot of new skills and connections

– competitors with more budget and established customer base
– lack of funds to kickstart the brand
– someone stealing the brand identity because the trademark is not protected


Needs were stated in the Section 2:

  • Necessary research and cost estimates
    – costs of the website, hosting/domains
    – researching the right hosting provider (WordPress, Shopify, Wix or other)
    – research of print-on-demand companies/website for t-shirts and other merchandise
    – research of the best jewellery products for dropshipping
  • Website
    – creating and designing the website in one of the content management tools
    – Choosing the web address domain
    – The sitemap for the webshop
    – copywriting necessary content and researching about/writing necessary legal notices
    – connecting the webshop with a suitable payment processing providers (PayPal, Shopify payments etc.)
    – figuring out profit margins on listed products in the webshop
    – connecting the website with Google Analytics
  • Graphic design
    – designing logo in Adobe Illustrator – making initial sketches in Adobe Photoshop by collaging similar photos and artworks and then creating a logo from scratch in Illustrator
    – preparing initial designs for clothing in Illustrator and Photoshop
    – branding materials for social media
  • Photography
    – finding students that want to model for the first photoshoot before making the website live on the internet
    – finding students to help with the photoshoot
    – Photographing the models on the first photo shoot and then editing the photos in the Adobe Lightroom
    – Doing more photoshoots with different models
  • Social media
    – choosing 2-3 social media channels and scheduling content through the Buffer tool
    – making first ads on the social media



– Shopify Basic account – 29$ per month
– Print-on-demand products – When the customer’s order is placed Printful (print-on-demand company) takes the base price of the products, printing and shipping, the rest of it are profits
– Facebook ads – 5-10$ per campaign per day
– Influencer marketing – 10-40$ per shoutout
– affiliate marketing – 10% of the product price


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