Section 2 – Scoping The Project


Meeting me – Borna Grunbaum

I am a digital marketing student at the University of Portsmouth, coming from a small European country called Croatia. I have been interested in business, entrepreneurship and creative work since my childhood. This also proves my interest in this project as a real-life project that I want to develop for a long-term success.

Previous multimedia experience

Since I have been active in creative business activities since I’ve started high school, In 4-5 years I’ve gained a lot of experience. Currently, I am a digital marketing freelancer currently working with 3 clients (2 Instagram pages, and a webshop) doing photography, editing, filming, branding and other campaigns. Before that, I have been a part of a lot of creative projects like Top 10 Croatian Business ideas, marketing congresses, my own vlogging community website etc. (you can find out more on this website on my portfolio web page or my LinkedIn profile – click here).

In terms of specific skills I’ve developed in multimedia, I would like to point out – photography and editing skills through various personal projects and work with clients, branding and graphic design through my high school education and various projects, web design – University and my personal research/work with clients, copywriting and creative writing – blog and other projects, social media marketing through personal development and client work etc.

The breadth and depth of the project – a list of necessary tasks and skills

Building a clothing brand based on online shop is a broad project that requires skills in a wide range of different software and web tools, here is an in-depth list of necessary software, skills and tasks to complete for this project:

  • Necessary research and cost estimates
    – costs of the website, hosting/domains
    – researching the right hosting provider (WordPress, Shopify, Wix or other)
    – research of print-on-demand companies/website for t-shirts and other merchandise
    – research of the best jewellery products for dropshipping
  • Website
    – creating and designing the website in one of the content management tools
    – Choosing the web address domain
    – The sitemap for the webshop
    – copywriting necessary content and researching about/writing necessary legal notices
    – connecting the webshop with a suitable payment processing providers (PayPal, Shopify payments etc.)
    – figuring out profit margins on listed products in the webshop
    – connecting the website with Google Analytics
  • Graphic design
    – designing logo in Adobe Illustrator – making initial sketches in Adobe Photoshop by collaging similar photos and artworks and then creating a logo from scratch in Illustrator
    – preparing initial designs for clothing in Illustrator and Photoshop
    – branding materials for social media
  • Photography
    – finding students that want to model for the first photoshoot before making the website live on the internet
    – finding students to help with the photoshoot
    – Photographing the models on the first photo shoot and then editing the photos in the Adobe Lightroom
    – Doing more photoshoots with different models
  • Social media
    – choosing 2-3 social media channels and scheduling content through the Buffer tool
    – making first ads on the social media


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