Section 10: Final Completion – Evaluation


Project – Chained Youth Evaluation

Word document: CIPM Project evaluation

Chained Youth is a project for Creative Industries Project Management, and it consists of a clothing and jewellery e-commerce brand named “Chained Youth”. The final product of this project is the e-commerce clothing brand Chained Youth on the website where all the clothing and jewellery products are listed and are ready to be purchased online.

Chained Youth is a streetwear and jewellery brand with a vision to represent all the young “hustlers”, encourage entrepreneurial thinking and actions, inspire and motivate youth to create and do more to achieve the lifestyle they want and inspire others by wearing our products. The brand is being presented as a Croatian streetwear brand because of the low number of clothing brands in that area.

To achieve the outcome (which is the mentioned e-commerce brand) project has been done in 4 main elements: branding, website, product creation/management and social media.

The next 4 sections will explain what has been done to achieve the final outcome:


To achieve the planned branding goals, it was necessary to: choose the target audience, the name and the story behind the brand so it can be perceived as the brand that represents young “hustlers”, design the logo, pick the colours and typography that match the brand, do photoshoots with the models and style to match the brands image, match the website design and colours with the branding style, make social media profiles a part of the brand, plan the photoshoots with matching models and edit the images to be suitable for the website and social media content.


For the website it was necessary to: find the right platform/hosting provider to make the website on – currently used platform is Shopify; find a suitable domain name for the website address – current domain is ; make sure the website has got an SSL certificate that enables it to sell products online; connect the website with payment providers and personal bank accounts (PayPal, Shopify payments); connect the website with the drop shipping company through plugins and apps so the orders can be fulfilled automatically or quicker (Printful for clothing, AliExpress for jewellery); connect the website to right tools and data analytics software; list the products; categorize products; write content, suitable names and descriptions for the products; design all the necessary pages; test the design and the whole buying process, make the necessary corrections and publish the website;  track the analytics and behaviour of the website visitors to make the improvements and necessary changes for the UX.


In terms of product sourcing and management It was necessary to: Research and find the right print-on-demand company that will source the clothing items like t-shirts, hoodies and bags and print the designs on clothing when customer’s order is placed and then ship them to the customer’s location – currently the products are fulfilled and shipped by the company named Printful where the designs can be previewed without need to use the software like InDesign; research and find the right jewellery products to dropship from the (drop shipping is listing the products from another wholesale website like AliExpress or eBay and re-selling them on your website – direct delivery from the manufacturer to the customer); make the right price lists and calculate profit margins on each product listed; calculate the possible discount costs that won’t make loss when used and make the list of discounts to be used on different channels; order and test the product samples before launching the website.


To promote and showcase the brand I have decided to use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it was necessary to: Set-up the Facebook profile- description, links, content, profile and header image, invite friends to like the page; schedule and post content using the Buffer app; test first Facebook ad campaigns; Set-up Instagram page description, links, content plan for posts and stories using the Buffer app; run Instagram ad campaigns.

Facebook profile:

Instagram profile:



Since I have always had an interest in fashion, my dream was to start a clothing brand, and in the new-age of internet and e-commerce it is a lot easier to do so. Although fashion like streetwear and clothing brands is a very saturated industry to enter, with above-average skills and connections I’ve gathered through my freelance work and projects this could be a good opportunity and time to start the actual clothing business. Chained Youth is a project that started because of a personal interest in fashion and showcasing/developing digital marketing skills through an e-commerce business. Ambition and plans to achieve a good position on the market using mostly digital channels will drive this brand to possible success.

Since I am from Croatia, there is a low number of a streetwear or cheap jewellery brands there, so this is a good opportunity to position Chained Youth as a Croatian streetwear brand.

Except Croatia, brand will be testing its success for positioning on a saturated streetwear market in the UK through micro-targeting young entrepreneurial individuals in the UK, Portsmouth and surrounding areas.

Other participants and collaborators

This project wouldn’t be possible without a help of a skilled individuals in certain fields of marketing. Here is the list of collaborators:

Kallum Saleem is a 2nd year student of a digital marketing at the University of Portsmouth and he helped me with some of the business ideas, model photography and the actual testing of the website

Yassin Ismail is a 1st year student of film production at the University of Portsmouth and he filmed a promotional video with our models.

Tamir Potokar is at the University of Portsmouth currently doing a placement year, he helped me with photoshoots, provided camera equipment and gave feedback on the actual project.

Fresh Island Festival is the biggest hip-hop festival in Croatia, after being in a close contact with the festival organiser and manager, the company agreed to do a collaboration and approve a discount code on Fresh Island festival tickets for Chained Youth fans and visitors of the website with the opportunity for me to earn commissions per sold tickets and organise sponsored parties at the festival.

Other: I have asked a few friends and family members to test the usability of the website which helped me to fix the minor issues in design of the website.


Merits and problems

Website has received great feedback and achieved over 3000 views in its first month of being live on the internet. The number of around 300 Instagram and 150 Facebook followers is a great number for a brand that is 1 month old and without a marketing budget.

Since the start of the project there was problems quite a few problems: the website theme design on Shopify was not user focused enough and after testing the theme was changed for a more customer centred one; some of the designs were not able to be transformed into a hat embroidery designs because the production company said some of the outlines are too thin for embroidery which resulted in redesigning some of the products


Future development

This project will be continued as a personal project with a lot of plans for future development. After choosing an appropriate marketing budget, there will be opportunities to do more influencer marketing. In a next few months new summer clothing products will be added, as well as the new jewellery.

Problems with the tax registering will be solved after registering brand as a limited company in the future.







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