Section 1 – Identifying the Project and initial Ideas


Project – Chained Youth

Project Chained Youth is my idea of an e-commerce clothing and jewellery brand. Since I have a lot of freelancing experience in digital marketing, entrepreneurial spirit and an ambition to create my own fashion brand, I thought this unit was a perfect opportunity to make my ideas come true, showcase my skills in digital marketing, develop specific skills in the B2C fashion industry, and start my own business.

Chained Youth’s story will focus on hustlers and inspiring youth to think in a more entrepreneurial way, instead of being chained by their “non-existing” problems they should be chained with the gold around their neck.

Initial Project ideas 

  • Online clothing and jewellery brand focused on hip-hop culture and so-called “hustlers”/young entrepreneurs
  • Luxurious looking gold-themed brand with designs focused on motivational quotes/words
  • Jewellery sold at affordable prices

Project needs

  • a professional logo and branding
  • a professional e-commerce website
  • designs to include on the clothing
  • clothing and printing company/retailer for sourcing the branded products
  • jewellery retailer for drop shipping products on Chained Youth website
  • Photo shoots with the models
  • Facebook and Instagram page and content





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